How having a Nanny can help you keep your New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to 2014 and I hope you'll have a very productive and fulfilling year ahead!


I'm sure like everyone else, you came up with resolutions you'd like to fulfill for this year. But if you're like most of us parents, the challenge lies in how to keep them when there are a gazillion tasks and chores you have to complete (on top of the work you probably have).

Over the holidays, we gave our nanny a vacation so she can enjoy the season with her family and friends. Normally, her vacation would be taken only after her employment anniversary, but we opted differently since my husband was on vacation and we thought we could manage. 

I'm sure everyone can agree the holidays can be pretty stressful especially when you're entertaining guests and doing Christmas preparations. Without an extra hand at home, you can imagine what it's like to juggle household chores and two active, clingy boys who just wants to be with mommy or daddy and wants to play with us all the time.

My husband and I were hoping to find the time for each other (which never happened), and to make year-end emails, and blog posts for our businesses (which didn't happen as well). 

So, now that 2014 is here, we have so much excitement and eagerness to start the year and hope we'll realize our goals and keep our resolutions. Will we make it?   

Well, the moment our nanny came back yesterday (Day 2 of 2014), my husband and I both jumped in front of the computer to work as much as we could on the business goals we want to achieve for this year.  

As I'm writing this blog now, I'm in Starbucks enjoying a cup of chocolate, sitting beside my husband as he worked on his own while the kids are sleeping being taken care of by our nanny.  

My resolution for this year is to commit myself to taking action. It's Day 3 of 2014 and even if I'm working only a couple of hours on my business everyday, nothing makes this easier than having an extra hand at home who can help you achieve your goals.  

A nanny surely is a big help for parents who need time to balance family life and work.   

If you're in the same boat - juggling family life and work and you're in need of a caregiver, do give me a shout. I'd be happy to help.  

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Cheers to 2014 happiness and success!