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I cherish family, growth and unity

I'm one with family. I'll take the time to understand your needs and values, and match you with a nanny who will care for the children, uphold your values, and give you more freedom and family time. 

I am one with elderly loved ones, and those with disabilities and special needs, seeking a caregiver who can their hands and feet in taking the journey of living their life to the fullest. 

I am one with nannies and caregivers. I'll only match you with employers who respect and treat caregivers fairly and professionally, and welcome them into their family. For nannies and caregivers who come to Canada from around the globe to seek greater opportunities, and I'll support you in achieving your Canadian dream and reuniting you with your family.

I embrace diversity and believe that we can all learn from one another

I've worked with, been supported by and cared for people from many places and cultures, with diverse values, beliefs and abilities. I have learned so much from each of these experiences and work only with caregivers whose capabilities, values and experience are diverse enough to support the families I serve.

I nurture my relationships, and always act with integrity

Over the years working with caregivers, personal support workers, health alliances and clients, I've always upheld integrity. To be open, transparent and honest in all my dealings and relationships are the principles I uphold in delivering services. I also do my homework to ensure that I only match families with nannies and caregivers that they can both trust. 

I give back to our community

I co-founded Spinal Cord Injury Foundation in the Philippines, and worked with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario for four years. I believe in the work organizations like these do and how valuable every single contribution is. That's why a portion of the proceeds from Vancity Caregivers Inc. will be donated to causes that are dear to my heart.

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Sheryl Rose Dira Newman - Founder and Chief Care Officer

Sheryl Rose Dira Newman - Founder and Chief Care Officer

I'm Sheryl Rose Dira Newman, founder and Chief Care Officer at Vancity Caregivers.

I'm from the Philippines, one of four children of a modest family. At an early age I learned the value of family unity, care, compassion and respect. 

My chosen career was a reflection of my early-learned values - I became a registered nurse. It was extremely rewarding to be in a profession whose mission it was to care for those in need, help restore their health, maximize their quality of life and achieve their fullest potential. My career, however, was destined to take a sharp turn.

In 1997, I survived a spinal cord injury that paralyzed me from my chest down, and put me in a wheelchair. Since then, I've learned to balance independence with support from family and caregivers. Most of the caregivers I worked with became close friends, like family to me. 

Now as a proud mother of two boys (three, including my husband.. hehehe), I appreciate even more the value of a helping hand, and especially when special needs are involved, the importance of reliable support and care. 

Building on these experiences, I created Vancity Caregivers to help families grow and gain the freedom to fulfill their dreams by connecting them with nannies and caregivers they can trust, rely on, and welcome as part of the family.

I invite you to contact me, tell me your story and ask me any questions you have. It will be my pleasure to help you.

All the best in family, life and health!

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Sheryl Rose Dira Newman - Chief Care Officer, Vancity Caregivers Inc. 

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